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Edinburgh Road Kitchen

Bespoke scorched and scrubbed oak and concrete kitchen. Designed and made in Scotland. 

Images Paul Cowan

The Edinburgh Road Kitchen is perhaps our most experimental project to date. A striking juxtaposition of scorched Oak, raw scrubbed Oak and concrete set against a minimal pale interior and Soap & Lye finished Douglas Fir floor that we supplied and fitted. Due to the scorching process, all of the cabinet components are jointed without glue and have either concealed splines or are pegged together.

The drawer boxes are all dovetailed and are fitted traditionally on frames, rather than runners, with a brush of candlewax for ease of movement. The sliding doors are held together by a dovetailed runner top and bottom and each board is pegged at its centre.

The counter traces the line of cabinets, from left to right, dropping to the floor either side of the range cooker and divides shallow drawer boxes from bench seating as the run approaches the floor to ceiling glass gable facing the Firth of Forth.

The raw countertops are made from 45mm Oak felled just outside Stirling. All other Oak is native, either from Stirling or Dorset, and supplied by small independent sawmillers. The island concrete countertop is made using a lightweight glass reinforced casting process that allowed us to achieve 100mm thickness. The same material was used for the wood burning stove hearth.


Client comments on what sets Colin Parker Furniture apart:

“Fresh contemporary design, shared enthusiasm and an ability to work alongside, advise, interpret and expand my expectations. Trust, honesty & integrity.”  - A.Searle.

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