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Copy of Edinburgh Road Shutters

Bespoke internal shutters in Douglas Fir with Lye and White Oil finish. Designed and handmade in Scotland. 


These Douglas Fir shutters present a purist’s approach to shutter construction and echo details used elsewhere in the same property. Individual planks are pegged through concealed splines allowing for the natural tendency of the timber to move without compromising the exact fit required in window shutters. They are finished in the traditional Scandinavian lye and white soap fashion.

Opened using simple circular pulls, recessed into the face of the timber, the shutters are then held in place by magnets concealed within the plaster work.

External, robust galvanised steel storm shutters with horizontal Douglas Fir fins were later added to protect the two windows facing the sea.


Images Ross Fraser Maclean/StudioRoRo

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