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Copy of Hillfoot Sideboard

Bespoke sandblasted Scottish Oak and Laburnum sideboard. Handmade in Scotland. 


The Hillfoot Sideboard is the most quintessential of our collection pieces. It is an exercise in flawless execution coupled with quietly restrained detailing. Proportion, material and function combine and represent how beautifully simple solid wood furniture can be.

This featured example showcases the subtle beauty of Scottish Oak sourced from Balloch near Loch Lomond. Utilising both Crown Cut and Quartersawn boards, the sideboard is sandblasted to reveal the reassuring coarseness inherent in Oak.  The various components are designed and constructed in such a way to honour, rather than constrain, the natural tendency of the wood to move.

Locally sourced Laburnum details, in recessed handles & pegs, contrast with the sandblasted Oak. Subtle shadow gaps delineate the door and drawer openings and expansion gaps allow for the inevitable movement of individual planks.

The central fitted column of drawers, of increasing depth, dovetailed for strength requires no runners and is simply beeswaxed for ease of movement. A traditional bridle joint, at interlocking sections, is used for its obvious strength whilst at the same time punctuating the changes in direction that the cabinets supporting frame must take.

All vertical faces are Quartersawn with medullary rays flowing through the grain while the top face is Crown cut; a subtle nod to the Saw miller whose difficult task it is to coax these natural features into the light.


Images Ross Fraser Maclean/StudioRoRo