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Copy of St Vincent Street Kitchen

Bespoke kitchen with Poplar cabinets, Elm handle details, drawers and door runners, concrete countertop and hand glazed tiles. Designed and made in Scotland. 


Responsible for every element of this Edinburgh New Town kitchen refurbishment, the brief required that we fit a great deal of kitchen into a relatively small space.

The limited floor space meant that we took the glazed wall cabinets up to the full ceiling height of nearly three metres.  Due to the likelihood of accessing the cabinets from a kitchen chair, the majority of the doors openings are constructed on slides rather than hinges.

Scottish Elm, sourced from a small sawmill in Fife, is used for door slides and corresponding runners as well as the drawer boxes and handles. These details offer a warm counterbalance to the varying hues of blue used throughout the kitchen.

The stark black concrete countertop injects a contemporary element whilst also referencing the rich patina on the flagstone floor laid in the early 1800s. In contrast with the countertop, handmade milk glass lampshades on corded flexes lends a visual softness and additional historical reference.

Although primarily concerned with the cabinetry, we also redirected plumbing inside a new wall, which echoes an original curve of the room.  In addition, we worked to ensure subtle details were executed to the highest standard. For example, the handmade Fired Earth tiles being installed flush with the painted plaster finish on the walls and decorating carried out to exacting standards.