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Who We Are


Have you ever been so intensely focused on an activity that you’ve lost all concept of time? 

Flow is the term, coined by Hungarian professor, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, to describe exactly that. When a person reaches a state of flow, action and awareness blend and the experience of the activity offers a sense of utter control and satisfaction.

Ordinarily, flow is achieved under very specific circumstances ideally when the task is more than a little demanding and the individual’s skills are pushed in order to meet the challenge.

Of course, our cabinetmakers wouldn’t call it flow; they’d simply know it as the feeling they get when they’re absorbed in the work they love. 

 hoto Credit: Studio RoRo


Colin Parker originally studied jewellery and silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art and went on to graduate from the Tapestry department in 2004. After a period spent on various artist residencies, he took on a teaching post there.

Inspired by his grandfather who served his apprenticeship as a wooden shipwright in post-war Rosyth Dockyard, he began making furniture in 2006 and opened his own workshop in 2007. After several years working alone, mainly in and around the city of Edinburgh, the workshop's reputation began to grow and his work is now sought after both nationally and internationally.

Colin's pursuit of perfection ensures that each individual piece of furniture receives the same high level of care and attention.

 hoto Credit: Studio RoRo


A time served cabinet-maker in a traditional workshop, Nairn has just marked a decade in furniture making. He joined Colin Parker Furniture in the summer of 2013 bringing his expansive knowledge and exceptional standard of making into the workshop. 

Nairn is a self-confessed furniture and vintage hand tool enthusiast, and when not in the workshop, he spends most of his time in his allotment garden and shed. 

 hoto Credit: Studio RoRo


Originally hailing from Canada, Douglas studied architecture at the University of Toronto and went on to become an apprentice in furniture-making at Akroyd Furniture in Toronto’s historic Distillery District. Douglas joined the workshop in the autumn of 2013 and lends a keen design sense and calm dependability.

Outside of the workshop, Douglas has interests that vary from surfing to coffee; however, since the birth of his daughter, he rarely has time for anything but coffee.


Images Ross Fraser Maclean/StudioRoRo