Colin Parker Furniture is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of its business.

Committed to sourcing local and sustainable timber for our designs, we are supplied by local independent sawmills and merchants with the majority of timber originating from Scotland. We ask that these suppliers, some of whom work under the auspice of the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers or Scottish Working Woods, have a ‘chain of custody’ approach whereby they source responsibly from managed woodlands.

For non-native timbers, we buy from merchants who operate a system of due diligence in the supply chain and work within the framework of EU timber regulations. This ensures that timber is legally and responsibly sourced from sustainable forests.

We endeavour to use environmentally friendly natural wood finishes on all our products. Where this is not feasible we ensure that by-products are disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

Wood wastage is kept to a minimum. Any waste we do create is evaluated for its reuse potential or disposed of through appropriate recycling streams. Additional energy for the workshop comes from 100% renewable sources.